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The End


“So honey have you chosen the next heir?” Damien asked as he continued to paint.

I sighed and shut the book I had been reading. Xia had announced to me a few days ago that she was leaving the decision of heir up to me. I didn’t understand it, this was not the way the next generation was chosen.

“I don’t understand why she left the decision to me? She is their mother!” I exasperated.

Damien chuckled and flashed me a smile, “Honey Xia may be their mother biologically but your their mom in all other respects. You know Xia never wanted the kids…she wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for us. You know them better than she does as sad as that sounds.”

I sighed and nodded my head as I said, “Your right darling. I thought long and hard about it. Yalen is easily the smartest and bravest young man I have ever encountered.  He is very nature oriented and loves a tidy house. Yet he is almost too perfect for the role of heir. Zipporah on the other hand is a untidy girl who always makes everyone laugh. She has some insecurities because of her weight but I think it has only made her stronger.”

Damien came over and sat on the bed beside me. “Sounds like you already made your decision honey.”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

I told Zipporah later that evening that she was the new heiress.

I knew Xia might have preferred Yalen, they seemed to have a closer relationship. He was quick to forgive Xia’s nonchalance toward mother hood. Zipporah didn’t let her off so easily..which is what I admired.

A few years later….


Grandma had announced me as heiress on my 18th birthday. The media had a field day with butchering me because of my weight. The stress of it all had only caused me to eat more and more.I had gained over 50 pounds in the past year.

Yalen would have been perfect for heir, I never understood why  Grandma hadn’t chosen him. He had the face that should be splattered across newspapers.

I was the one who hid from the press with my round cheeks and chubby figure.

Mom and I eventually became friends, I had to put my past behind me to move on.

When everything seemed to be going well…tragedy struck us all. My grandfather, Damien died at the age of 94. He was days away from being promoted but had died peacefully knowing his family loved him.

Grandma was completely broken hearted after losing her soul mate. I often caught her crying throughout the house. She escaped into her writing and eventually wrote a masterpiece about her love for her departed husband. The book flew off the shelves within days of being written. Yet it did little to quell Grandma’s grief. She refused to ever write another book and instead would sit staring at pictures of Grandpa and her.

Mom actually stepped up as a mom and spent her days comforting Yalen and I.

Grandma encouraged Yalen and I to find love like she had. I had forgotten what a hopeless romantic Grandma was. Yalen took her advice to heart and immediately began dating a college friend named Winnie.

I met a man named Tyrone from my weight loss group. He was our instructor and I had contracted him to give me extra help. It didn’t hurt that he was as sexy as could be.

Yalen and Winnie quickly began dating and within months she had moved in.

Things with Tyrone were going well but I wanted to focus on myself. I opted to have weight loss surgery to finally help me be healthy.

My father Teddy also had the surgery and he looked like a different man.

Even though I had lost the weight I still didn’t have the confidence I wanted. I refused to let Tyrone touch me. I just felt so unattractive I didn’t understand how he even liked me.

Tyrone gave me the space I needed but also refused to let me push him away. One day he grabbed my hands as we walked along the pool and said “Don’t push me away Zipporah…I want to be here for you. I don’t care if you are a size 6 or a 16. I love you.”

I should have said I love you too but then I would have been lying. I didn’t even love myself.

In the meantime Grandma still hadn’t healed from Grandpa’s death. Winnie was constantly trying to cheer her up.

It usually didn’t work except for this time…

“Tatiana you have to cheer up…after all your going to be a Great-Grandmother.” Winnie said with a smile.

My Grandmother’s eyes lit up as she stared at Winnie. The glow in her cheeks was indescribable.

We all prepared for Winnie and Yalen’s first child. Tyrone helped me not to stress out too much with his gentle touch and unyielding patience.

I finally let him in…into my life…into my heart.

It was a warm spring night when we became husband and wife. My mother and Grandmother both were happy to finally have someone marry in a wedding dress. They both were too pregnant when they were married to wear the gown.

We said our vows by candle light staring into each others’ eyes.

Yalen and Winnie gave birth to a son whom they named Adam. Though we couldn’t close the baby name books just yet…I soon found out I was pregnant.

During my pregnancy I gained all of my weight back and tried hard to fight the depression that consumed me. The media once again had my picture across the tabloids. “Zipporah Everlasting heiress or hippo?” Hurtful headlines like that had been banned while my Grandfather had been editor in chief. Now that he was gone I was open game to the press and the corny tabloids.

They even attacked Winnie for having a child out of wedlock. Yalen tried to save her from the bad press by asking her to marry him.

Yet she didn’t want to be married, she was happy with things the way they were.

Their son Adam didn’t know his parents weren’t married we all didn’t feel it was important.

It wasn’t long before I went into labor.

I gave birth to twin girls named Zoe and Chloe Everlasting.

As I held their small bodies in my arms, I couldn’t help but fill with pride and anguish. I knew they would undoubtedly go through what I went through. They would never grow up normal little girls. They would carry the fortune of the Everlasting ancestors and the history as well. The press would hound them for gaining or losing too much weight. If they failed a test everyone would know. Their weddings or divorces would be a public affair.

It was then that I made my decision…the Everlasting legacy…would end with me.

I called a press conference while holding my young daughter Zoe in my arms.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, I thank you for being here today. I am here today not as the heiress Zipporah Everlasting but as a mother. I have given birth to two beautiful little babies a month ago. They are precious and fragile  not because they are my daughters but because of their status in the world. We Everlastings own a majority of the properties in town and have a fortune that has spanned ten generations. That is more than most people can hope for in a lifetime. I have made the executive decision to dissolve the fortune of my family. My brother Yalen and I will take a portion to live our lives and provide for our children. The rest will be given to the local orphanage and the hospital for medical research…Thank you.” I said softly but firmly before turning to walk away.


Adam grew to be a handsome young man.  He was a perfect combination of Yalen and Winnie.

Zoe was daddy’s little girl, she never left Ty’s side.

Chloe was a fussy baby but preferred to be around her Uncle Yalen.

My Grandmother Tatiana died at the age of 112 years old. She was the strong head of our family, I doubt I would have made it this far without her influence or strength. Thankfully, she died peacefully in her sleep.

I stared at the portraits of past heirs and heiresses and still felt compelled to wonder…had I made them proud?

As I held Zoe in my arms, I couldn’t help but smile  I think I did it…I think I definitely made them proud.

Present Day- The Epilogue:

I stared at the reporter sitting across from me. She was young and eager to get an interview with the reclusive Zipporah Everlasting. I had not given an interview in over 50 years. My children were married with their own little ones running around. My girls had gone to college and had successful careers before marrying. I was proud of the women they had become.

Yalen and Winnie’s son Adam had joined the army at a young age. He had always been a bit of a daredevil and it was that which caused his downfall. Adam died at the age of 22 while in combat.  It was a hero’s death but a mother’s nightmare. Winnie and Yalen had never recovered from the loss of their only child. They dedicated their lives to helping others by starting a charity for families of fallen soldiers.

I stared at the reporter and realized she had asked me a question.

“I’m sorry Melinda, what was your question?” I asked with a smile.

She cleared her throat and read it again, “What happened to your husband Tyrone?”

My smile faded and I could feel the tears burning my eyes. “He passed on soon after the girls went to college.”

“I’m so sorry Ms. did he die?” Melinda asked while rapidly writing my response. Her eyes never left mine as she spoke.

“He went into a diabetic coma and eventually died. We hadn’t even known he was sick. I am simply happy for the years I had with him.” I said softly

“That is so sad…Ms. Everlasting I’m sorry to be blunt but everyone wants to know…why did you dissolve the family fortune? Was there a scandal? Blackmail? What happened?” Melinda asked quickly tapping her pen as she spoke.

I sighed, I knew this question would come. “I ended it for my daughters, no person in this family can ever really have a normal life. Either they will mauled by the press in made up scandals or harassed for their life choices. I wanted my children a chance to escape it all and thankfully they have been happy with that opportunity.”

“Are you happy the legacy has ended?” Melinda asked as she wrote.

” I’ve learned over the years that a legacy can never truly end. Our story will be told by our neighbors and their children for many years. Eventually the stories will be warped due to memory or entertainment. My grandmother has written the truth down in her novels about our legacy. I will donate my family journals which I have just read to the local library. I feel everyone should know our story.” I said with a smile.

“Is there anything you wish to end this interview with?” Melinda asked.

“Yes, though our story has ended. The love I have for my family will never end…it is everlasting.” I said


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Who should be the 10th Generation Heir

Should it be Yalen:

Yalen is a green thumbed, genius, brave neat freak. He is the eldest child of Xia and Teddy Everlasting. Yalen is used to his parents neglect and their dislike of his him as a child. Now that he is a teenager his parents are trying harder  to get to know him. He is happy to put the past behind him and just hopes to put his family first like his mother should have done. Will he be the perfect ending heir?

Should it be Zipporah:

Zipporah is a sloppy, good humored, light sleeping natural cook. She is the youngest child of Teddy and Xia. Zipporah is an emotional eater due and has been hit hardest by her parents rejection. Now that her mother is trying to be a part of her life again Zipporah is resentful. Can she put the past behind her?


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Trying to be better


I always made my dad laugh with my crazy jokes. We laughed about how anal Yalen was. He wouldn’t even use a toilet if it was dirty!

People said I was a lot like my dad, we even looked alike. I I had momma’s eyes and grandma’s hair. Though it was easy to tell I was biracial because of my skin and hair texture. Kids at school were always asking me questions about my family. They wanted to know about Auntie Will and her girlfriend Rana.

Grandma had warned me this would happen when the police arrested Auntie. Instead of answering their questions I usually made a joke.

I just couldn’t wait to become a teenager like Yalen. I couldn’t wait to be in highschool! After my 13th birthday mom seemed to hang around me more. She even gave me a make-over and did my make-up.

Yalen and I bonded more now that we were in the same school. We had the same friends and even did our homework together. Yet he still complained what a slob I was!

“Zippie, don’t you think you could clean up more? I mean mom fired the maid for stealing. Grandma and everyone else is busy working. I am the only one who cleans up around here. You are the number one person making a mess!” he complained.

“I know I know Grandma always complains about my sloppiness. I think mom should just get a maid. I mean we are rich why not?” I asked.

“Zipp that wouldn’t be cost effective. Why should we waste our money on a housekeeper when we can clean ourselves? We should invest our money in things that can help give us more money back.” Yalen explained.

I hated when he went all smarty pants on me! I mean I was smart but gosh Yalen was like a genius or something. I loved being his little sister even if he annoyed me sometimes. Anytime someone picked on me because of my weight it was Yalen who stood up for me. He didn’t care how big the bully was or how strong. That’s my big brother, the brave genius.


I walked in as Yalen was talking to Zipporah about her sloppiness. I had to do a double take for a second as I listened to him speak. I scratched my head as I tried to remember when he had shaved his head into a mohawk. When did he get muscles? When did Zipporah gain more weight? Had I been this dismissive of a mother that I hadn’t even noticed my children grow up?

I couldn’t help but feel depressed by how much I had missed. I realized I didn’t know my kids favorite sports. I didn’t know what clubs Zipporah or Yalen were in. When I questioned Teddy I realized he knew less than I did. Had we let our hate of kids let us push our own kids away?

I began working on the heir paintings for the wall. I would finally be able to give up the heavy burden of being heiress to one of my children. I wondered who would it be?


“Grandpa mom is being so weird lately. She keeps asking me all these questions about like what I like to do.” Yalen said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Yea Gramps I don’t get it, she never cared before why does she now?” Zipporah asked.

“Well kids your mom was never a kid person. Now that your older its probably easier for her to relate to you.” I said with a smile.

Zipporah wrinkled her nose and said, “Who says its that easy? Why should she get to ignore us half our lives and now try and be buddies.”

I sighed and said, “Honey we as parents never get it right all of the time. Sometimes we need great kids like you two to teach us how to get it right.”

Yalen raised an eyebrow before saying, “Or maybe she needs to make it easier for herself to pick an heir to the legacy.”

“Yeah exactly!” Zipporah quipped.

I sighed again and said, “Kids picking an heir isn’t easy but neither is being a parent. Your mom has had it rough, she’s had to adjust to a lot. I think she never got over the fact that she lost her sister. Give her a break hmm?”

Yalen seemed thoughtful of my words but Zipporah was brimming with comments.

I silenced her with a swinging contest.  Yalen and I were going faster but Zipp refused to give up.

I was surprised when I looked up and saw Tatiana standing by the swing set watching me with a smile. I stopped swinging at looked at the kids. The ushered me on with a wink. I walked over to my lovely wife with a smile.

“It looks like the kids were beating you Mr. Everlasting.” she said with a smirk.

I faked a shocked look and put my hand to my heart, “I will let you know that I was winning Ms. Everlasting.”

She began giggling before I embraced her and kissed her.


After Grandpa got up, mom took his seat and tried to stir up a conversation.

“So Zipporah how is high school going? Are you in any clubs besides the cooking club? What else do you like to do?” Mom asked softly.

I shrugged my shoulders, not because I didn’t know but I just didn’t want to answer. I couldn’t help but resent how much she ignored us up until a few months ago.

Yalen was much easier going then me. He always told me to forget the past and focus on the present. I just couldn’t…I don’t care if it cost me the title of heir…she owed me an apology.






I’ll never forgive you


I didn’t do it..not yet anyway. I could practically taste their blood on my fangs when I was so close. Yet Zipporah and Yalen happened to walk into the kitchen. I cursed underneath my breath and ran upstairs within a matter of seconds.

I craved human blood…I had been living off of plasma juice and fruit for so long. I couldn’t deal with the rich and alluring smell of that bittersweet fragrance. I needed blood and I needed it now…


It was getting easier being a mother now that Yalen was a teenager. He was a handsome kid, I guess Ted and I had good genes.

He seemed to develop a love for everything green.  Yalen was a great help around the house with his neat freak tendencies. No matter how late he stayed up with Zipporah Yalen still had time to get straight A’s on his homework. I guess he was a bit of a genius.

Mom and Dad still had their date nights once a week. Mom had  been writing best seller after best seller. She was making over 15,000 a week in royalties. Dad was the editor in chief  at our local newspaper. They were a power couple…I just hoped I was making them proud.

Zipporah was doing well in school and her teachers said she was a pleasure to have. I heard she was the local jokester for all the kids.

The one person who did worry me was…my older sister Willow.

The police had been questioning me about Willow and her connection to the dead woman, Renee.  I openly stated that my sister wouldn’t hide anything…but lately I wasn’t so sure.

I walked toward the garage which she had renovated for herself years ago.  I saw her standing by the entrance almost as if she were waiting for me.

“Willow…are you okay?” I asked softly, her eyes seemed dazed as if she were thinking of something.

“WILLOW?” I yelled.

She whipped around so fast I barley saw her move.

“What do you want…little sister?” she hissed

“What is wrong with you Will? The police have trying to reach you for weeks. I can only delay them for so long. Just tell them you have nothing to say and you didn’t know the girl. Why are you being so weird? You never leave the garage until its almost two dark to function. You stare at everyone like they are food or something. You are so pale and thin I just want to throw food at you. Are you anorexic or something?” I sneered.

“Oh….am I embarrassing you Xia? Am I ruining the goshdamn Everlasting name? Haha gosh forbid.  We can’t all be as perfect as you!” Willow screamed.

“I’M SORRY XIA that I’m not the perfect sister. I’m sorry that I can’t have the perfect family and little rugrats running around. I’m sorry that I lost the only love I ever had!” Willow ranted

“Will…I’m sorry about Rana..I really am…but you have to put it behind you, it was an accident.” I whispered as I reached for Willow’s arm.

She pulled away from me and began muttering, “I didn’t mean to do …I didn’t mean to…I loved her….I loved Rana….I loved her but she just didn’t understand…she kept fighting me….”

Suddenly Willow lashed out with her teeth bared, “SHE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE!”

“What happened to Rana Willow? What did you DO?” I sneered at her, my hand on my hip as I confronted her.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen…I shouldn’t have done it…I was just so angry….I needed her to see. I didn’t mean to kill her…I didn’t” Willow said softly.

“YOU KILLED RANA!” I yelled.

Willow chuckled maniacally as I uttered those words. The next sentence she said chilled me to the bone.

“Yes I killed her…and I KILLED RENEE TOO SHE DESERVED TO DIE!” Willow screamed.


I expected it when Xia ran as fast as she could. I expected the fear I had saw in her eyes before she ran. I didn’t expect the police to come to my door. I didn’t expect this…

“WILLOW EVERLASTING, My name is Detective Evans and you are under arrest for the murders of Rana and Renee. You have the right to-” the detective rattled on.

I read her mind and saw that it was my sister who had given her the hint for my arrest. I also knew she had all the evidence she needed to arrest me.


As I walked into the judge’s office, I couldn’t help but be shocked by my sister. I hadn’t seen her in over two years. She had been locked away in prison for the homicides she had committed. Once Willow was arrested she admitted to her crimes and even stated that she had stolen Rana’s body.

When the authorities came to the house with dogs they found the decomposing corpse in a hidden room. They also found a room that seemed to be a prison of some sort. On the walls were scratches etched into the concrete. Yalen happened to be around when the coroner arrived to take Rana’s body.

It reminded me then of when he was younger and had told me about a woman named Renee. I think as he got older he had pushed the memory of her out of his head. Willow had admitted that she had kidnapped Renee and dyed her hair red to remind her of Rana. Then she saw Rana’s ghost and realized that Renee had tricked her.  It was then that she knew that Renee had to die.

As I stood before my sister, I barely recognized her anymore. What happened to the Willow I had known? Where was my big sister? Who was this murderer sitting before me?

The judge cleared his throat and said, “Ms. Everlasting, I know you are a very busy woman but I need your help. The question before us today is whether your sister Willow is competent. Do you feel she will be a danger to the community if we released her?”

I stared at Willow as I contemplated my answer, “Your honor I thank you for inviting me to speak today. Now as a sister I want nothing more than for my sister to be around her family. I want nothing more than for my big sister Willow to hear the laughter of my children. As well as the opportunity to be around our parents in their final days. Yet….I do not know what has happened to my sister. Today as I stand before you…I do not see my sister. I see  a cold blooded killer…an insane lunatic who needs nothing more than a padded room and a prison cell.”

The judge stared at me open-mouthed and Willow screamed curses of all sorts. I know it was a reckless thing to say, but I had always been a bit of an eccentric. I walked out of the room as they handcuffed my sister before leading her away to jail.

I did hear her mumble one thing before they led her away, “I’ll never forgive you for this.”


The Joy of Food and Blood


“Yalen….how do you know that girl? Is she a teacher or a bus monitor at your school?” Mom asked

“I don’t remember mom.” I said as I walked away. I refused to turn around because I already knew she didn’t believe me.

I wanted to tell her the truth I honestly did. I had tried to tell her the truth over and over. Even when I finally found the courage to tell her she didn’t believe me. She and dad hated being parents I could see it every time they were around us. My mom and dad were famous, actually my whole family was. Though my mom often told the press to go away and Dad was the same way. It was easy to see they loved each other…I just wished they loved me too.

My little sister Zipporah, Zipp, was my best friend. She was a good listener and our parents couldn’t stand her either. I tried to play with her as much as I could so she wouldn’t feel lonely. Zipp would never get to know Renee-Rana. She would have me as her best friend, hopefully that was okay. Zipp was a pretty good sister except she always made a mess.

Mom and dad often ignored her cries and it was Grandma who had basically raised us. Sometimes Zipp slipped and called Grandma, “mama”.


When I was painting was my only time I was able to have “me time”. The kids were always talking or playing video games. Yalen and Zipporah were needy kids at first. Zipporah was constantly nagging at me to play with her. I often shooed her off to be with her Grandmother. Though now that she was older, my rejection had taken its toll on her.

She had gained so much weight lately. I watched her as she would eat hungrily with the food dribbling down her chin. I couldn’t help but look at her with disgust…


Mommy always looked at me like she hated me. I didn’t understand why she didn’t like me. I did really good in school and lots of people liked me. I was always good at telling jokes and making friends. Yalen was always busy after school lately. He was part of the baseball team at our school. My friends were always busy with their parents going on ski trips.

My teachers always asked me to invite my mom to teach an art class. I never worked up the courage to ask her. Yalen was the brave one, not me. Whenever I felt like crying I ate instead. I ate anything that I could which was a lot. My aunt Willow was a chef at the bistro and often baked yummy deserts. The fridge often had lime pie, cookies, cobbler and so much more.

Sometimes when I ran into mommy, I tried to get her attention by telling a joke. I had always had a good sense of humor and hoped mom would at least smile.

“Mom knock knock!” I said with a smile.

“Zipporah, I don’t have time to play games I have to finish these paintings for the mayor. Go tell your grandmother, I’m sure she would love to listen.” Mom said quickly.

I sighed and walked away. She never has time for me..

I walked into Grandma’s room and ran into Grandpa Damien. I often tried to avoid him because he always gave me lectures on my weight. I couldn’t help but be scared by how passionate he was about exercising. His muscles seemed to get bigger as he spoke!


“So what have the police said about that young girl?” I asked cautiously

“They said they have no leads but apparently she was strangled and drained of blood. I don’t know who could be so sick as to do that.” Ted said with a shake of his head.

“That’s a little harsh to call them sick.” I said as I stared at my nails.

“What is wrong with you?” Ted exclaimed

“NOTHING is wrong with me. Nothing. I’m just saying what if there is more to the story than you know? You don’t know anything you stupid idiot.” I yelled

“Willow….listen to what your saying!” Ted said with fear in his eyes.

I could hear the fast pace of his heart. I was scaring him…it only enraged me more.

“You stupid idiot….maybe the girl deserved to die.” I sneered. I was struggling to control my temper. My fists were shaking as I contemplated draining him of all that precious blood with that useless brain.

I exasperated a sigh as I said “Never mind!”


“Hun, your sister was being really weird today.” Ted said with concern

“Weirder than usual? You know she’s a tad off her rocker.” I said with a toothy smile.

“No, she was saying weird things like she wanted that girl to die. I wonder if she had some part of it. I mean have you noticed she hardly eats anymore.” Ted said suspiciously.

I shook my head and said, “Willow is completely harmless Teddy, she doesn’t eat because she’s a cook. I bet she eats at work and probably has delicious things too.”

Ted sighed and said, “I hope your right Xi, I mean she has been strange ever since we found that girl’s body. I mean did the police ever identify her?”

I shook my head, “No, not yet they said they are having trouble finding anyone who knew her.”

Ted opened his mouth to say something when suddenly the kids came running in.

“Daddy Daddy, Yalen won’t take out the garbage!” Zipporah whined.

“Dad, Zipp keeps getting in the way.” Yalen said.

Whether I liked it or not..this was my family.


I could tell Ted was already suspicious of me. I didn’t need to use my mind-reading to tell that. He was telling Xia to be suspicious of me…I couldn’t allow that. I would have to deal with him…I liked my fangs at the thought of his blood flowing down my throat.

Or maybe…I should deal with both of them….after all two was always better than one.

I could smell the scent of their blood fill my nostrils. I tip-toed closer and closer until my sister’s hair was practically tickling my nose. They couldn’t feel me near them…I was distracting their minds and soon I would be extracting their souls…through their lovely and intoxicating blood.




An untimely death


“Rana…is that you? How is this possible?”  Tatiana whispered sleepily.

“Tatiana…I have to warn you..about Willow.” I said slowly. It took a lot of my energy to communicate with the living. I knew Tatiana would be the easiest to talk too. Xia was too stubborn and the children were too young.

“What’s wrong with Willow?” Tatiana asked with a worried expression.

I sighed as I tried to figure out how to tell her that her eldest daughter was a murderer. Tatiana had always been like a mother to me as well. She had written me letters while I was at training, reminding me to eat healthy and take it easy. As I stared at her now it was easy to see how the stress of life had effected her. Her eyes were surrounded by crows feet and wrinkles. Her hair was completely gray and had lost the shine.

“She’s struggling with my death Tati…she is using women to replace me. You have to watch her Tatiana…she’s losing her grip on reality.” I said softly.

Tatiana listened intently and promised to check on Willow. I felt guilty that I hadn’t told her everything but I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t break her heart and tell her that her child was a killer. I hoped she would never find out…exactly what Willow was capable of.

After speaking with Tatiana I went to the room I know had been dedicated in my honor. The room’s only light were the candles that littered the floor. My coffin was the only furniture in the room but she had taken my body out. She placed my ashes into a urn and surrounded it with flowers.

I could hear the breathing of Renee through the walls. As I floated through the wall I noticed the beautiful and terrified woman lying on the bed. This room had held me hostage for over a year. Renee had been here for almost five…her memories were slowly slipping away. It was so cruel to do this to her…I had to get through to Willow…I had too..


I floated throughout the house until I found her…I would think I would want to kill her when I laid eyes on her. Yet I still worried, cared and loved this woman who stood before me.

I mumbled her name hoping she could hear me… “Willow”

She looked around searching for the source of my voice. I said it louder and moved closer to her until I was practically steps away.

Finally after what felt like hours..she saw me.

“RANA YOUR HERE” Willow screamed.

I grabbed her hands to calm her and said, “Willow…you can’t do this…you have to let that girl go. You have to let me go.”

“I will never let you go…you and I belong together.” Willow hissed. “You belong with me.”


Mom was a great help with Zipp. I don’t think I would have made it through the last two years without her. Zipp was a good girl but was a messy baby, she was always throwing her toys all around the room.

I had to admit she favored Ted more but had my green eyes.

Yalen was growing up so fast lately but I was worried about him. His teachers had said he was telling stories in class. Ted and I were reluctant to deal with it but finally pulled him aside.

“Yalen Ms. Hunter said you have been making up stories in class.” I said softly as I stared in his blue eyes.

“She’s lying mom! Renee-Rana is real!” he screamed “You guys just can’t see her!”

I sighed, “Yal if we can’t see her how can she be real? You can’t make up stories like this!”

“I’M NOT! She is real!”Yalen screamed loudly. His cheeks were flushed and he glared at me as he spoke. I had never seen him so adamant about anything. I should have pushed the issue but I couldn’t deal with him having a tantrum.

Ted shrugged his shoulders and said, “Listen, you need to go upstairs until you can deal with telling the truth.”

Yalen’s shoulders sagged and I could see the tears at the rim of his eyes.

He stared at me and I looked away. I didn’t know how to deal with him or this. Mom usually was good at stuff like this but she was busy writing a new book. Yalen stormed past me and I could hear the slam of his bedroom door.

I hoped we would do better with Zipp…


I had been feeling sick for over a week now. Will had promised I would be like of the undead. Yet I hadn’t felt anything yet except sick. I woke up from my nap and my body felt like it was on fire. I opened my eyes and could only see red. I could hear the sounds of bats and felt the night air on my body…I was changing…

I could smell the blood leaving my veins. I could hear the breathing of everyone in my house. I could hear the cries of Renee in the cellar in my closet. I knew…it had worked. Now I had to find Rana…I had to get her to cross over with me. I would make her a vampire so that we could be together forever..

My first discovery as a vampire was..plasma fruit. It tasted so good and warm though I still craved blood but for now it would do.

After I had eaten..I went to see Renee. Now that I had seen Rana I knew Renee was not really her. She had tricked me into believing she were Rana…I hated when people tried to trick me. The voices screamed in my head…KILL HER.

When I entered the room, Renee turned towards me with a fearful look in her eyes.

“Are you here for blood?” she quivered

I licked my fangs at the mention of the word. I chuckled as I saw the fear in her eyes.

“No….Renee.” I said slowly enunciating her name. I could see the spark of recognition in her eyes as I said it.

“What did you call me…Master?” she whispered.

“I AM NOT YOUR MASTER. You have tricked me for five years….you tricked me to believe you were Rana…you LIAR!” I screamed.

“I never lied to you…I did what you told me to do. You have kept me prisoner here!” she hissed.

I could hear her heart beat racing as she spoke. I knew she was afraid…I could smell her fear and it made me smile.

“Well now…I WANT YOU OUT. GET OUT.” I sneered.

“W-W-W-What?” she asked softly.

“GET OUT” I hissed.

She was afraid I would change my mind and quickly began walking past me. I heard the swoosh of her hair as she turned to look back. I kept facing the wall so I would not give away the smile on my face.



A young girl’s body was found dead on our property. I didn’ t recognize her and nobody in our family did except…Yalen. He screamed and cried when he saw her. He kept screaming “Renee-Rana!” over and over again. I had to keep him home from school for the next two days just so he would calm down.

I had so many questions for him…how had he known this girl? Why was she found dead in our pool? Why was death surrounding our family lately?



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